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MKT has supported the Attendorn Sports Club with jerseys for its B and D youth teams.
Metall Kunststoff Technik On the foundation of 30 years of experience in the metal and plasticsprocessing sector we, the MKT, supply individually customized and innovative solutions to the most different sectors of industry aroundthe world. Absolute priority is attached in our company to customer satisfaction. Marked by the very highest quality claims and expertisewe aim for long-term, mutually trustful and partnership-based customer-supplier relationships.

The customer:
The precise noting and taking into account of our customers' requirements is an important component of the success of our enterprise. With the greatest care and commitment we convert the demands placed on us into quality products and solutions of the highest level and do this on time. The partnership-based relationships of ourselves with our customers are based on trust, honesty and respect.

The company:
The development of our company has been and is characterized by continuous and profitable growth with account being taken of social and ecological responsibilities. We take the word "social" earnestly - not only in respect of our social responsibilities for our employees but also in respect of our relationships with our customer and supplier partners.

The human-being:
The fact that our employees identify with the company is especially important for us. To promote this we commit ourselves to achieving a person-friendly work and production environment. Because only someone who is healthy and motivated will work with maximum input. Regular training courses for all employees serve to promote the individuality and creativity of each employee and thereby to maintain our ability to satisfy the ever-more stringent requirements placed on us and to remain competitive. This in turn safeguards the company and leads to long-term, secure jobs.

The environment:
In particular for the good of tomorrow's world we deal with and utilize natural resources cognizantly for the protection of the environment. This holds good in respect of the selection and optimization of materials, of the production environment and of the lowest possible use of energy - in each case to aid the maintenance of our natural environment.

MKT Verhaltenskodex

Zu der Wertelandschaft der MKT GmbH zählen Vertrauen als wichtigster Wert, Wertschätzung im Umgang miteinander, Offenheit in Bezug auf Neues, Konsequenz in Verbindung mit Verantwortung und Teamgeist in Zusammenhang mit Erfolg. Wir leben nach unseren Werten! Der vorliegende Verhaltenskodex definiert die Grundsätze und Anforderungen an die MKT GmbH selbst sowie an ihre Lieferanten und beschreibt die Geschäftspraktiken, welche die MKT GmbH leiten und wesentliche Werte und Elemente der Unternehmenskultur der MKT GmbH darstellen.