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Quality and ensuring quality are central components of our corporate philosophy. Continuous checks ensure a high quality standard. The monitoring of production - as this proceeds - is supported by the most modern CAQ software and hardware such as contour, 3-D and optical measuring machines as well as tension-compression test machines. Important industrial standards on quality planning such as APQP, FMEA as well as on process steering, test equipment monitoring and test plans support our high level of quality.

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Our commitment in the area of production and quality assurance pays for itself: In line with our stringent requirements we are certiἀed in accordance with the current TS and DIN ISO quality standards. As holder of the Q1 award we are an unrestricted supplier for Ford. Our environmental management as introduced in accordance with DIN ISO 14001 takes account of environmental protection.

In an ongoing manner we will continue to introduce appropriate measures in the area of software and hardware and to increase the qualiἀcations of our employees through further training in order to actively and continuously improve this high level still further.